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Gooding - Rock n' Roll from the plains


-Just recorded new LP at SOUND CITY w/ producer MATT WALLACE
-Music on Jurassic World DVD, Walking Dead Trailer, Portlandia, CSI
-$5 for 5 new songs every month! Join the LIL RED ARMY!
-New blogs posted!



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  • Round 4 Day 9! Leave a comment below - best comment wins and we will ship whatever we steal from one another right to your door! Nothing says Merry Christmas like petty crime! @carterhulsey #12daysofchristmas
  • 12 days of Christmas DAY10! @carterhulsey and I steal each other's stuff and mail it right to your door. BEST COMMENT WINS THE PRIZE....yesterday's winner was CARLA THE GHOST! Here we go!
  • Round 2!  On the 11th day of Christmas Goobie stole from me..... If you are just joining us Carter Hulsey and I are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas by stealing each other's stuff and mailing it right to your doorstep! Best comment wins! (The winner from yesterday is Mr. Rich Evirs)
  • Alright people here we go! For the next 12 Days Carter Hulsey and I are celebrating 12 days of Christmas by stealing things from each other's homes and then mailing them right to your door. Folks with the best comments each day will win. Keep an eye out for a new installment each day! Let the insanity begin.... DAY12...
  • Thrilled to have recent placements in Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Red Oaks, Aerial America, Mind Of A Chef, UFC, Bourdain Parts Unknown, Archangel (Videogame), MLB, and Road to Olympics! •

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The Band

Making A Difference

GOODING PRESENTS: Funding The Future Live

Using the power of a live rock performance and our own personal story, “Funding The Future” inspires young people with lessons of finance and discipline to help them see their own dreams as possibilities.

“When Gooding comes back after the show and starts talking to the students, they are totally focused on what he is saying. I’ve never seen anyone deliver the message more effectively. It is brilliant” – Sacha Millstone, Millstone/Evans group – Raymond James

learn More at fundingthefuturelive.org >
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