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Behind the Scenes of the “Hey Hey” Video

We are lucky to have an amazing support system back in our hometown of Wichita, KS. In the middle of shooting a video for “Dark Horses” in Barnsdall, OK – (Population 1242- more on that later) we realized our next radio single was going to be the song “Hey Hey.”  Which meant that we now had less than 4 weeks … Read More

Why is Lil Red crying?

“Lil Red” is our mascot and fearless leader. The logo was created in 2002 by Wade Hampton (Wichita, KS) and has been plastered on everything from dolls, bobbleheads, guitars, non-animal tested lipbalm, temporary and REAL tattoos, stickers, picks and drumsticks etc. We call our eco-bus “Lil Red #1” (homage to Wille Nelson’s Honeysuckle Rose 1-3 tour buses) and Lil Red … Read More

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