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Gooding and books

Books I read in 2017:

Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run (five stars, people … wow)

Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck)

John Prine bio

Jack Bogle, Enough (We need more like him)

Bryan Cranston bio (slow)

Shout It Out Loud. The Story of Kiss’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (reread)

Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron (If you are an artist and a little burnt out, this will help you be good to yourself)

Stephen King, Mercedes trilogy (slows in the 3rd one but I’ll read anything King puts out)

Robert Redford, The Outlaw Trail

Day of the Dead (photo book)

Lord of the Flies (only read a third)

Derek Sivers, Anything You Want

Tony Robbins, Unshakeable

Hillbilly Elegy, J. D. Vance

Lyric books, Willie and Leonard Cohen

1984 (terrifying and sadly dead on)

Songwriters on Songwriting 2, Zollo (five stars)

Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking (five stars)

For Common Things, J. Purdy (wonderful)

No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy (as good as anything ever)

Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon (super-short read and wonderful)

Hugh MacCleod, Ignore Everybody (thanks, Wade Hampton—I read this one almost every year)

Hugh MacCleod, Evil Plan (wonderful)

Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

Millionaire Next Door

Christine, S. King (didn’t finish—I worship King but couldn’t buy in)

Slaughterhouse-Five, Vonnegut (thanks, Carter Hulsey—how in the hell have I never read Vonnegut—killer)

Life Classic photos

The Memo, John Hope Bryant (YES YES YES)

Understanding Poverty, Ruby Payne (thanks, Lynn Hattery)

Christmas Carol, Dickens

David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish (thanks, Wade Hampton)

8 Minute Mediation

An accounting book and book about LLC’s  (still working through these)

Nutritional Guide for Healing—studying fasting; did a four-day but would like to go longer—my tolerance for pain sure is lower than I thought 🙂

Bob Dylan, Chronicles (five stars, one of my all-time faves)

Bigger Stronger Leaner (great book if you don’t want to spend too much time at a gym—I’m obsessed with trying to get the quickest “prison” workout for motel rooms. Some good psychology on working out in here, too, though I totally disagree with the protein requirements)


John Hope Bryant, The Memo (yes both hardback and audible)

John Hope Bryant, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism (WONDERFUL)

Latest Tom Petty bio (WONDERFUL)

Richest Man in Babylon

Life, Keith Richards (five stars)

Chronicles – Bob Dylan (five stars)

Rising Star, Obama (why no editor on this … my god, too long)

Dreams of My Father, Obama (had read the book; just as good second time and in his voice)

Neil Degrasse Tyson, Astrophysics for Dummies (great but didn’t finish)

Alec Baldwin bio

Yngwie Malmsteen bio (of course I finished that … lord)

War of Art (third time on this one- thanks, Erin O Neill)

Tao of Willie (second time on this—straightforward and magical)

S. King, It

I keep these listed in the backs of my journals. It’s fun to look back because just like a song, a good book will take you right back in time to where you first read it. (Some of these are not good books… :-)) Audible can be run at 1.5 times the speed on long drives. That is helpful if the info or the plot is not too dense. Don’t I sound like a blast to have at a party?

When you are done with a book, it also makes amazing soundproofing in the studio. I can never sell them back ’cause I have a horrible highlighting problem. I also write in the front—the back—the margins. I am an ACTIVE (more like destructive) reader. Don’t lend me your book if you want it back clean.

My fave this year was probably No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. Good and Evil dripping from the pages. Brilliant. As strong as the movie was, the original book puts it to absolute shame. His writing could crack the earth in two. Would love to know what you are reading … and thanks for reading this!


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