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Wake up at least an hour before check out time.

Drink coffee and wander around the hotel and get strange looks from people.

Play with my phone and read the news.

Return to the room and a) either shower or b) wait a few days.

Brush, floss and rinse mouth. Minty fresh.

Pack my suitcase, gather my belongings and go down to the rig.

Drive, navigate or be a passenger.

Reach destination city and check into hotel.

Answer emails and enjoy all my interweb activities.

Wander around hotel till time to leave to the venue. More strange looks from people.

Go to venue, set up, sound check and return to the hotel. Eat, sleep, and then wake up.

Brush, floss and rinse mouth. Minty fresh.

Go back to the venue and do vocal exercises and wait till gig time.

Rock out, meet and hang with the fans, pack up and back to the hotel to sleep.

Repeat the following day.

The life of a bass player on the road with Gooding.

– Billy Driver

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