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Jesse Says Thanks

First a big thank you to all of you who wrote, or called, or posted in to wish me Happy Birthday a few weeks back.  I’d like to pay respect and wish “sleep tight” to Charlie Parker, and Michael Jackson too, whom without, I may be compelled year to year to keep August 29 all to myself.

As it turned out, I didn’t make the USA Today birthdays list like the other two guys I mentioned before.   I’m sure a Reichenberger would have run them short of ink anyways.  Feel free to write and remind them you all call me Jesse Rich anyways, and then maybe one day I’ll get there.

In all seriousness, it’s rare to hear from 250 of you friends and acquaintances in a single day, and I felt on the top of my own little list.  This reminded me of how much support I’ve had over the years, rippin with these brothers of mine, and how much all of your individual push, sweat, and screams have allowed us to create this touring monster of ours.

The list of thank yous for helping to get us from our first show to here is long.  There is far from enough coffee in this hotel of ours to sustain even beginning to recognize everyone.  So, on the subject, I’ve made a seasoned little list of deserved thank yous to some people and things from just this past week, in the life, of your touring monster:

-Wow! Thanks to my family and their crews who made it in big numbers, out to the KC show.  Nice to revive some memories of the old Safety Orange days.  Cristi, Doug & Tina, Tara, um, plus ten.

-Thanks to all hotels and establishments who serve the good coffee, without which many morning tv and radio interviews would veer way off course.

-Thanks to Rita and Rande Pouppirt for the dinner, drinks, venue, booking tv and radio interviews, and HUGE support getting our Funding Our Future financial literacy program off the ground in the Cheyenne schools.  And to ALL of the sponsors, public and private, for making it possible, this week starring US Bank, and the Hickman’s of Boulder, CO.

-Thanks to DT, who has booked almost every engagement in the past 5 years, even some of Billy’s showers.  And with love, for seeking very creative ways to humble and punish any trace of our pride.

-Thanks to Nathan DeVore  on sound and road mgmt, for getting us there on time and making the drums sound so dang juicy.  And for always being in a good mood, always.

-Thanks to the talented Jenny Wood for roaring with us in Lawrence and KC this week.

-Thanks to the Dixons for the rural treatment.  It’s nice when the tour leaves the pavement for a few days.

– Thanks to all of the stations playing “Hey Hey” right now, pulling it up to #88 on the FMQB AAA charts this week!

-Thanks to Mike and Eric at 4 Entertainment for moving the chess pieces.

-Thanks to Mr. Tim Heinline, for shooting us, and being an extraordinarily talented photographer with keen direction. No fat necks, no phony poses, no nonsense.  Oh, and he’s real cool too.

-Thanks to Gooding for driving today, after I put myself into a coma attempting to eat the entire #1 at Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen in Kansas City.

-Thank you Joplin, MO, for hosting an evening of 96% humidity to help melt the Ponak’s #1 off of me.

-Thanks to every one of you on the other side of the stage this week, or last, or who we’ll see soon!

-And thanks to Tracy Gore, who keeps the fire burning  at home when I’m away, and in my heart wherever I go.



J Rich

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  1. hey it was great to see you guys its been awhile always love to see you guys play there’s not a harder working band out there
    Love & Respect
    Tommy & Alec

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