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People ask us what tour is really like. As Eon posted last week, it’s the highest of highs and lowest of lows. It’s go/stop and hurry up/wait. It’s 24/7 no days off we never close. It’s magic and boredom, transcendence and self-doubt. You will find out who you really are out here (whether you like it or not). Most things get revealed. You confront your strengths and weaknesses and push your body and mind harder than you ever imagined. Your demons make an appearance—and you confront them with harder workouts, more time alone, more writing in a journal, or you can use drink/drugs. I think you can guess which of these choices turns life here on earth into a living hell and pulls bands off the road.

For me, it’s keeping up with the schedule and trying to keep enough time for myself to be reflective and creative before I lose my marbles. It’s not pushing away loved ones when you are having a hard time—it’s checking in back home. It’s living off what becomes a strange, unforgiving clock. Think you are done? AGAIN! 🙂 It’s driving to schools in the dark at four a.m. before coffee is on at the hotel, and it’s going to sleep at four a.m. ’cause you had to get breakfast after the club show. (And the club show was pouring your heart on a new original song on a bar stage to hear a drunk scream out for a cover song.)

It’s finding a bathroom in the lobby when everyone is in the rooms. It’s finding laundry (the last two hotels have been under construction here in Detroit, and I have had the same socks on for two days—GROSS). It’s seeing wonderful old friends and laughing till your sides split. It’s laughing at your own crew when we prank each other or make up some stupid new saying to get us through the day. It’s sending your loved one a postcard, even though gas stations barely sell ’em (Instagram stole the crown). It’s working out, no matter how bad you feel, so you don’t get sick. It’s trying to eat right despite having the options of Subway and Subway. It’s all these things and a hundred more, and it’s really really hard and really wonderful, and it’s surely not for everyone. Most people get on the road for a couple of weeks and just become a mess.

I truly believe one of the main things that allows you to do this full time and for life is a great “TM”—tour manager. And we have the best, Mr. Tyler Colossal Cossel from Lincoln, Nebraska.

You want a real glimpse into the life of a touring act? It’s the DAY SHEET—one of the clearest windows inside a working band. Here are some excerpts from the last six weeks: 32 stops, Nashville to N’awlins, up to AZ/CA, over to WY/NE, and then all around Detroit Rock City.

These are the texts you get the night before your next day so the whole crew knows the call time (when to meet in the lobby), when the show is, etc. The TM has a ton of other details—addresses, where you load in, drive times, Wi-Fi at every venue, etc.—but THIS IS THE REAL GOLD. It’s Tyler recapping the day and prepping us for the next.

MARCH 2019

Welcome to the party, pal! We’re rolling out at 6:40 in the AM (20 minute drive) for a 7:00 load in at Minor HS. Rocking the stage from 9:00-10:00 (60). After the show we’ll hit the road for a 4.5 hour drive to Wiggins, MS and stop for lunch somewhere on the way. Yippie ki-yay, motherfXXXers!

That’s one down ya’ll! We’re rolling out at 6:25 AM (35 minute drive) to PRCC for another 7:00 load in. Show #1 is from 9:00-10:15, show #2 is from 1:00-2:15. After load out G will roll with Andy to the airport in Nawlins, and we’ll knock out a 3 hour drive to Lafayette, LA.

(Band drives 24 hrs West while G flies out to deal with some Bidness)

AZ and Doree dinner strikes again! We’re rolling out at 1:45 PM (45 minute drive) for a 2:30 load in at Phoenix College. Rocking and rolling from 4:30-5:45. After the show we have a 6+ hour drive to LA, followed by a very early morning load in, so plan accordingly! 10-4, see you cats tomorrow!

(Note: That six-plus-hour drive took about nine hours—welcome back to lovely California, folks.)

It’s time for your Next Day Update with Tyler “Colossal” Cossel! We’ll meet up at Florence Nightingale MS (Mike and G roll at 7:25 AM; EON, Noel, and I at 7:40 AM) for an 8:20 load in. Showtime from 10:20-11:48 (88 minutes). Then we’re off for the afternoon until Molly Malone’s (we’ll talk about meeting up or going separately tomorrow). We’ll arrive at 8:20 PM (there’s a band playing from 8-8:45, but we can unload and park). Showtime is 9:00-9:45, then it’s time to celebrate having 3 days off in L-fXXXing-A!

Alright ya’ll, G and Mike will need to roll out at 8:50am to pick up EON and I at 9:30 for the cruise down to Santa Ana. We’re stopping off to pick up a projector and screen at 10:45am, then it’s 20 minutes over to the school, leaving us a free hour before the show for lunch and/or naps. We’re loading in at 12:15pm (outdoor show, bring your sunscreen!) for a 2:15-3:30 show. Afterward it’s back to the valley.

Do you know the way to San Francisco? We’re rolling out at 9:15 AM (30 minute drive) for a 9:45 AM load in at Westlake MS. Showtime from 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM. Then we have the afternoon to kill until a 6:30 PM load in at Hotel Utah Saloon. They’ll feed us and give us beer (details in the calendar). We play second from 9:00-9:45, then we’re off until we leave out Saturday AM.

We’re diving back into the deep end! Mike and G will roll out at 8:00 AM to pick up Erin and I at 8:45 AM for a 9:30 AM load in at LA HS. Another 3 show day. 1st @ 11:35 AM, 36 minute break, 2nd @ 1:06 PM, 6 minute break, 3rd @ 2:07 PM. After load out we’ll run over to Hamilton HS real quick to drop off the backpack, then it’s a 6+ hour drive up to the bay.

APRIL 2019

Make sure to order your “I survived the blizzard of April 2019” t shirts! We’re rolling out at 7:00 AM for an 8:15 load in at Broken Bow High School. Playing from 10:15-11:30, grabbing some lunch, then driving 2 hours and 45 minutes over to Lincoln. Rolling out at 7:45PM for load in at The Zoo Bar at 8:00. Two 45 minute sets, too much whiskey, and to the Super 8 for the night.

Killer sets tonight! Rolling out at 11:00 in the AM for an 8.5 hour drive to the Hampton Inn in Michigan City, Indiana. Enjoy your Amigos!

NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Rolling out at 10:00 AM for the 4.5 hour drive to the Schon’s Cabin. ooxxooXoXXx

(Note: We didn’t make it to the cabin. Cars were sliding off the road in the same blizzard that cancelled one of our Nebraska shows, so we stopped at the Hampton Inn in Big Rapids, Michigan, and hid out while it snowed seven inches that night.)

Blizzard 2: Electric Boogaloo! We’re rolling out at 10:00 AM for an 11:15 load in at Cadillac High School. Rock and roll from 1:15 PM – 2:30, then drive 2.5 hours to the Dow house in Flint where we’ll “rock n roll all night and party every day”.

(Erin sings National Anthem at Detroit Tigers Stadium)

Who’s ready for some Cracker Jacks? Rolling out at 5:15 AM for a 6:35 load in at Warren Woods Tower High. Playing from 8:35-9:50, then back to the Dow house for the afternoon. Roll out at 4:15 PM to check in at the stadium by 5:50, then Erin blows everyone’s minds before the first pitch at 6:40. Maybe grab an overpriced hotdog and flat beer, then back to Flint again.

Oh SAY, CAN YOU SEE? the light at the end of the tunnel? Two more shows before the break! We’re rolling out at 6:20 by the dawn’s early light for a 7:15 load in at Bay City Western HS. Showtime from 9:15-10:30. We’ll load out fast and hopefully have time to grab a quick bit before our 11:40 load in at Freeland HS. Show #2 from 1:40PM-2:30PM. After load out G and EON will roll with Colleen and Mike and I will start the drive back to the heart of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We’re back! We’ll meet up in the lobby at 8:20 AM to walk over to the Civic Center. We’ll have a quick line check then you guys can chill until showtime from 10:00-11:00. Immediately after the show, Gooding will be escorted by Emma Finn (student, cell # (612) 462-xxxx to GIS, while Erin handles any media inquiries at the CC. We’ll load out, then it’s back to the hotel for the day.

Jamie’s gonna help me with line check so you guys are free to chill until the show. Should be good to hit the stage if you need to get anything set. Kids will start coming in at 9:15

Can you guys text your room numbers real quick? Gonna try for a late checkout

Erin o Neill 555

G 547

Sex Panther 540 (Mike G World)

It’s Ty Ty back with the 411 on your day! Erin, G, and I will roll out at 6:30AM (Sonya will pick us up out front) for the 20 minute drive to CW Iowa Live. On air from 7:40-7:48 (3 minute acoustic song and interviews). Then it’s back to the hotel until the noon acoustic set. Erin, G, and I will meet on the 2nd floor landing at 11:30 and rock a quick setup/sound check before the set from 12:05PM – 1:00PM. We have a late checkout (1:30PM, the room keys will cut out at noon so we’ll have to stop by the front desk for new ones) so we can leave our bags until after the set. Afterward I’ll pull the rig around the front of the hotel to load out, then it’s a 9.5 hour drive to the Fairfield in Michigan (-1 hour time change, approx 1 hour in stops, eta is 11:00PM)(11:00AM rollout on Friday, single show) See you at the crack of dawn!

The last big drive together is done! First, the hotel breakfast ends at 9:00AM, so plan accordingly. Rolling out at 11:00AM for an 11:20 load in at L’Anse Creuse MS East. Showtime from 1:20PM – 2:35PM. After the show it’s a 1.5 hour drive to the hotel in Ann Arbor, then we’re off for the weekend. Avengers Assemble!

Checking out of the hotel at 2:00PM (tried for 3, no luck). (Flat Tire) We can all just head over to the mall and hang out there for a few hours until our 50 minute drive to the Hampton in Madison Heights. Make sure to rest up, Monday is a busy one.

It’s the start of the last week and we’re coming out swinging. Rolling out at 6:45AM for a 7:00 load in at John Page MS. Showtime from 9:00-10:15. Afterward it’s a hustle over to the next load in at Allen Park MS (30+ minute drive, no time for a stop). Showtime there from 1:15PM-2:30PM. We’ll load out quick head up to Pontiac (45+ minute drive). There’s a little confusion right now as to whether Orchkids starts at 4:00 or 4:30, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. In either case it’s scheduled for 2.5 hours. After that it’s to the Hampton (10 minute drive), and dinner and/or naps all around. See you all in the morning!

Way to kick all of the ass today everybody! Rolling out at 3:30PM for Orchkids until 6:00.

 Etc., etc., wonderful ETC.

I always love a little test at the end of these posts to see if we kept your attention. 🙂 If you read this entire blog, then here is an Easter egg. These are some of the nicknames my man Mike G has given Tyler over this tour alone. PLEASE FEEL FREE to add yours here on social media or write us back.

Man in the high cossel
White cossel
Don’t boss the Soss
Ty fighter
Taigon kick
T bag
Sweet T
Howard Cossel
Cossel fuels
The Detroit Tylers
The Apostle cossel

Love you all. Thanks for reading!


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